miss A's Fei solo debut: Singer thanks fans for love and support on Instagram

Fei shared a picture of her with cake and gifts sent by fans.

miss A's Fei had recently made her solo debut. The member of South Korean-Chinese girl group dropped the music video for her first solo track, Fantasy.

Fei took to her Instagram account to thank her fans for the support. She wrote: "First, my solo activities were only possible through the hard work and help of many people. And the words of support from all the fans who came to see me and from the fans who supported me from behind have been a great strength to me. I want to say thank you for all the fans who I met, whom I missed so much. I also realized that I want to continue to work hard and show a good side to all the fans who supported me. Please look forward to me as I continue to improve. You'll stay with me right? Thank you to all the fans who supported me. I love you."

Fei had previously opened up about the hardships she had to go through before establishing herself as a celebrity in Korea. During an appearance on KBS2 talk show Happy Together 3, she said: "I had a really long training month. There were only Jia and me left in the end. I wasn't happy. But the really hard time for me was before coming to Korea. My family was struggling financially a lot. I wasn't happy when I was home. I would perform with my friends and earn about $20 a day, and live off of that."