Minzy says the greatest difficulty she faced was 2NE1's hiatus

Minzy left the group a month before her contract expired.

Minzy Kong
Minzy has opened up about former band 2NE1 Facebook/Minzy

South Korean singer Minzy has opened up about disbandment of 2NE1. The 23-year-old singer revealed the hard time she faced when the girl band was on hiatus.

During an interview with International bnt, she said: "I really wanted to go on stage but I felt like I was just stuck in one place as our hiatus continued to get longer. That's why I went to go learn dancing at a dance school in LA."

Rumours about 2NE1's disbandment started in April 2016 after Minzy left the group, a month before her contract expired. In November 2016, YG Entertainment announced that the group, which consists of members CL, Sandara Park and Park Bom, is splitting up after seven years.

Minzy, who is currently on KBS' Sister's Slam Dunk Season 2, gushed about the youngest member, Jeon So Mi. She said: "I'm proud of So Mi because she reminds me of myself when I was young. I debuted when I was just 16-years-old and I didn't know how the world worked. I didn't know how to handle social life and I wasn't able to make clear decisions in situations."

She added: "It was my dreams to go to retreats or school trips with friends."