Minneapolis Shooting: Two Dead, Eight Injured in Random Gun Violence

Two persons were were killed and eight were injured in a random shooting incident in downtown Minneapolis on Saturday.

The surviving victims were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, while another person is in critical condition, the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) said. Both the dead persons are men.

"Of the 10 victims, all are adults, five male and five female. Two deceased are male and one in critical is male", Minneapolis Police said in a statement.

Rigby School Shooting
Moments after the student open fired in Rigby Middle School - Representational YouTube Grab

"Order fully restored to the scene and surrounding areas", the statement added. The names of the victims have been withheld. The shooting took place on North 1st Avenue.

How the Shooting Happened

It was reported that the shooting was the fallout of a verbal confrontation between two persons.

The men were standing in a crowded area when the argument broke out and then things turned from bad to worse. The two pulled out guns after the altercation and started shooting at each other. .

Police officers attending to the situation said the scene was chaotic.

Minneapolis Police Station
Minneapolis Police Station Twitter

It was not clear if the shooters died in the incident. The police would not divulge that detail yet. Asked if the shooters died, police spokesman John Elder said a probe will help put the pieces together, according to CNN.

Elder said his department is analyzing surveillance footage from the area and questioning the witnesses.