Is MiniMonster aka Jacob Enano doppelganger of BTS's Rap Monster?

Jacob Enano became famous because of his facial similarity with Rap Monster and he likes to call himself 'MiniMonster'.

Real life Mini-Rap-Monster
Real life Mini-Rap-Monster Screen grab from Twitter

Jacob Enano has become a well-known kid, as he looks like BTS's Rap Monster. The facial similarity made him viral and popular already.

Jacob usually dresses up like Rap Monster aka Kim Nam-Joon. He looks like a much younger version of the South Korean singer. The little kid has named himself 'MiniMonster.' Both look so similar that the little one could be addressed as a doppelganger of the singer. Billboard has mentioned his names in an article, where they listed all the BTS fan's names from all over the world.

"It makes me feel happy about people complimenting my pictures and everything. I like dressing up. It's funny how I look. I want [people] to know that I do cosplay for fun, and so that I can make everyone recognize [BTS] a lot more so that they'll be more popular," Jacob said when he was asked to express his feelings about being known as 'Mini-Monster'.

While dressing up like the Rap Monster, the 10-year-old has posted many photos on social media site. Almost in every picture, he looked just like a copied and pasted version of the 23-year-old singer.

Here are some pictures and tweets posted by the 'MiniMonster.'

This article was first published on October 1, 2017