Mine PrivacyOps is Building the Future of Data Privacy for Modern Businesses

Mine PrivacyOps

By leveraging the latest technological innovation, Mine specializes in data privacy and bridges between consumers and businesses to make data privacy rights more accessible Moreover, discovering and managing one's personal data online is now possible for individuals with Mine, while businesses may utilize Mine PrivacyOps to streamline and automate their privacy operations, hence increasing customer trust in their brands.

Mine was established in the latter half of 2018 by Gal Ringel, who serves as CEO, Kobi Nissan, who serves as CPO, and Gal Golan, the CTO. Aiming to develop a comprehensive privacy suite of offers, they have assembled a formidable team with extensive experience in the fields of cybersecurity, consumer technology, and venture capital Gal Ringel is an outstanding leader with a unique background in technology, as he served six years as a captain in the 8200 Elite Intelligence Corps. Furthermore, he also gained experience in entrepreneurship and venture capital, with 4.5 years and over 20investments with Nielsen Ventures and Verizon Ventures. For Mine, Ringel combines strategic thinking and exceptional business abilities to his work as CEO, the same qualities that earned him the number one place on Forbes' 30 under 30 list in 2017.

Overall, thousands of companies, ranging from up-and-coming start-ups to some of the most well-known brands in the world, use Mine PrivacyOps for Automatic Privacy Requests (DSR/DSAR) Fulfilment, Consent Management, Data Mapping & Governance, 3rd Party Risk Assessment, Branded Privacy Form, and other privacy-related services.

Furthermore, Mine PrivacyOps allows businesses to fully automate and coordinate their privacy operations activities, thereby transforming privacy into a competitive edge for the company. On G2, the largest technology marketplace in the world, Mine is ranked as the "Highest Rated" privacy software.

In addition, Mine PrivacyOps provides a self-serve option for its users. Within a few minutes, they allow businesses to have a fully operational platform at their disposal. An illustration of this was the setup for Fair Harbor, a garment firm that successfully went online with Mine PrivacyOps within only 30 minutes.

Mine PrivacyOps is the first company privacy platform to focus on providing a superb user experience as one of its primary guiding principles. Testifying their pledge to these principles, Mine PrivacyOps was selected by customers as the "Easiest to Use" privacy platform for Summer 2022. This recognition was based on the platform's appealing dashboards as well as its easy-to-set-up integrations and automation.

Due to their unique market position, with 1,500,000+ customers utilizing Mine to be safer online, their team was able to develop a solution that provides the necessary context to assess any privacy request simply. Hence, Mine PrivacyOps consolidates all Privacy Requests onto a single platform. Ultimately, Mine PrivacyOps is estimated by their customers to have a return on investment time of slightly more than three months, whereas the same calculation for competing privacy software is significantly larger -19.5 months on average.