The Mind Behind What's Up Tony

Antony McGregor

Antony McGregor is a name that travel enthusiasts all over the world are familiar with. Antony McGregor, who was born in Australia and has a million Facebook followers and 700,000 Snapchat fans, began his online career with the goal of creating high-quality content that reflected his mixed heritage. Tony wanted to make the most of his privilege of being half Filipino and half Scottish.

Do you know that this amazing young man who excites all of his followers across the world has a marketing management degree from the Rotterdam School of Management? Tony, unlike his contemporaries, did not want to be shackled to a 9-to-5 job with limited opportunities to learn and exercise his creative ability. He possessed the spirit of a real explorer and desired a career that would allow him to travel to far-flung corners of the globe and engage with diverse cultures.

Rather than hurrying through arduous job interviews and attempting to impress recruiters that were uninterested in his abilities, he opted to explore the world of blogging. He bought a nice camera, packed his belongings, and flew to the Philippines. He documented every element of his journey from north to south to share on his Facebook page. He continued for three years, but his posts did not receive the exposure he intended. But he kept his faith in himself and believed that this was the right career decision for him.

He was asked to his idol Nas Daily's meet up just as he was trying to find out how to reach a larger audience. Tony had driven 12 hours for the event and was upset to hear that it had been canceled. He had no idea that this cancellation would benefit him, and he couldn't believe it when a fan offered to set up a personal meeting with Nas Daily. Tony's talent was recognized by the YouTuber, who offered him the position as a video production assistant. Working under his supervision provided Tony with an excellent opportunity to learn, and he dedicated himself to honing his talents while on the job. He never lost sight of his dream of owning a business, and he made it a point to spend his weekends making his own videos. This required a lot of effort, and Tony had to give up time with his friends and family, but he believed it was all worth it.

Now was his chance to reap the benefits of all his hard work, and he was finally earning a decent living from his Facebook profile. When his internet revenues exceeded his pay, he quit his job, and What's Up Media was born. Tony now lives on the lovely beaches of Bali and works beneath the massive towers of Dubai, supervising his 30 international colleagues, and is pleased that he never gave up on his ambition.