Minah talks about Girl's Day comeback, her favorite rookie group and more

South Korean girl group, Girl's Day, is planning for a September comeback.

Girl's Day Minah is proud of her and the fellow band members for passing through the seven -year-itch without making any gloomy headliners and clashing rumors. The 23 year old, who recently wrapped her drama Beautiful Gong Shim, sat for the interview with the media and gave some insight onto the band's comeback.

When asked about the band being so strong and steadfast even after seven years, Minah affirmed that she cannot imagine her life without Girl's Day. She told Allkpop: "All of the members, not only me, know that it would be very hard if there's no Girl's Day. Girl's Day has such a huge significance to us."

However, she added: "We do think that a time will come when Girl's Day needs to have a long hiatus because we have no other choice. I do not wish for the disappearance of Girl's Day. I wish that Girl's Day would remain for a long time. In truth, our members are diligently doing their personal activities and they're doing them well. We are able to do that because Girl's Day exists."

Furthermore, the Vampire Idol actor also revealed that the four member girl band including Sojin, Yura and Hyeri are planning for a comeback in next two months, although nothing has been finalized yet: "We are preparing with September as our goal for a comeback. Please wait just a bit. It'll be a refreshing dance track," she said.

The singer-turned-actress also revealed her favorites from the set of brand new girl groups. She affirmed that all the debutants are working quite hard, however, she has her favorites.

"There's a lot of groups who are pretty and are doing well. But the ones who have caught my eye recently are TWICE and I.O.I. There was also a time when our promotions overlapped with LABOUM and I thought that they reminded me a lot of us from before," Minah told soompi.