Min Hyo-rin responds to plastic surgery reports

Min Hyo-rin revealed that her nose is natural.

South Korean actress/model Min Hyo-rin has squashed reports that she got a nose job done. The 30-year-old, whose real name is Jung Eun-ran, revealed that her nose is natural.

During an appearance on KBS2TV's Entertainment Weekly, Hyo-rin was asked if she went under the knife. She said: "I didn't get surgery on my nose. I fixed my eyes and got veneers on my teeth."

In 2012, Hyo-rin appeared on SBS's One Night of TV Entertainment and brought X-rays to slam rhinoplasty reports. She added: "I seriously didn't get my nose done. In the past, I didn't demonstrate this properly because I was afraid my makeup would rub off, but today, even if I have to compromise my looks, I'll show it to you," she added.

Adding on, Taeyang's girlfriend talked about her experience, being on the Unni's Slam Dunk. She said: "I also thought I would be a wallflower on the program, but the other girls have gentle sides as well."

"I have no interest in salary. As long as it's a job where I can grow, I'll take it," she added.