Milwaukee Brewers
Milwaukee Brewers players at the unveiling of club's new uniform for 2020 MLB season Milwaukee Brewers' twitter handle

Milwaukee Brewers unveiled the new logo and uniform for 2020 MLB season to commemorate their 50th anniversary. 'What was once old is new again' was the message that Brewers gave out during the unveiling at the Skyy Lounge at Miller Park.

The American professional baseball team have returned back to ball-in-glove logo which was there until 1994 when they decided to change it to mark the 25th anniversary of the club. Rick Schlesinger, club president, said that the purpose of this new branding was to bring back the old logo back with a modernized look.

On the occasion, Schlesinger said - "What we did is we took the classic ball-in-glove and made certain modest changes, modest enhancements we thought would elevate it."

Mark Attanasio, Milwaukee Brewers' owner, further emphasized on the need of the logo change. He told the reporters that when he purchased the club way back in 2005, the number one wish of Brewers fans was to bring back the ball-in-glove logo. "We are looking to win the World Series with this ball and glove," said the ambitious owner of Milwaukee Brewers.

Four uniform combinations were presented on Monday. Ryan Braun wore the cream-coloured home uniform while Brandon Woodruff donned the other pinstripe one. Brewers fans could not get over the news and loved the new retro look.

There have been quite a few changes in the logo of the club. Rick Schlesinger stated that the process of the logo switch started a couple of years ago. They knew that the fans loved the ball-in-glove logo which is also called the original logo.

The only issue that the club officials faced who were working behind this idea was that they weren't sure if the fans from the current generation would resonate it with the old logo. Another MLB club San Diego Padres also announced their switch to the old brown and gold uniform a couple of weeks earlier.