A million dollar question: Is sex in movies realistic?

A recent study has revealed interesting thoughts of the common man when asked about sex shown in movies. Read on to find out what they think

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How realistic do you think are the sensual scenes showcased in movies? Well, if you think that they aren't realistic, then you aren't alone. A recent study done by online doctor service 'Zava' has studied several movies sex scenes, 50 movies to be precise. The movies analyzed include 'Dirty Dancing', the 1987 romantic drama film and even the most recent film, Fifty Shades of Grey. The study has garnered opinions from 2,000 women and the results indicate that only "4%" of the British women find or rather feel that sex shown in movies is realistic. Sex on screen has always been romanticized and shown in a fashion that seems appealing than it actually is.

Fifty Shades Movie
A scene from "Fifty Shades of Grey" Fifty Shades of Grey trailer/ Youtube grab

Movies have always been successful in altering reality for the viewers and this modification of the truth, has even increased the expectations of normal people with regard to sex. The study conducted by the online doctor service has picked up several mistakes that have been glorified extensively. Some of them include the characters on screen not practising safe sex and only 2% of the films have shown the use of contraception on screen. And 39% of the time women reach orgasm on screen, however, only 24% of women studied said they have an orgasm while having sex with their partner. This shows a significant difference between movies and reality.

Fifty Shades Darker
Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades Darker. Pinterest

When it comes to foreplay, 69% of the respondents admitted that this was necessary and they engaged in it before going any further. Nevertheless, what is shown in films is highly unrealistic with only 27% of the characters involving in foreplay. Watching movies with sexual content does affect men and women to a great extent. It sets unrealistic expectations and creates immense pressure for individuals to perform well. However, there are few shows that have aimed to change the perception and focus on showing reality to the audience. For instance, the show "Sex Education" that airs on Netflix. The show has focused on real life problems like 'vaginismus' which is definitely a rarity in this industry. Having to see a show dedicated to concepts that are realistic, is surely a progress.

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