Militia of Black Armed Men Called 'Not F***ing Around Coalition' Set for March to Louisville

In March this year, a young black woman was killed in a police raid which proved to be worthless, now, protestors are demanding strict action

While the death of George Floyd was the spark that lit the fire of protests across the US, the tragedy also brought into focus many other cases where African-Americans were seemingly treated unfairly by law-enforcement agencies.

One such case is from Louisville, Kentucky where a 26-year-old black lady Breonna Taylor was shot dead by police while they conducted a raid at her house. This incident occurred on March 13 this year and had led to questions being raised about the conduct of the police. Now, the issue is in focus again as an armed militia of black men intends to hold a march in protest.

This militia goes by the unique name 'Not F***ing Around Coalition.' They are apparently too radical even for the Black Lives Matter movement as the latter has distanced itself from them. Their head, known as Grand Master, Jay, attacks the government for failing in its duties to protect the citizens. He cites the US Constitution to justify his organization's existence.

Armed Militia of Black Men to Hold a March

Not F***king Around Coalition
Not F***king Around Coalition during one of their protests YouTube screengrab

"Once it gets to that point where it looks like the government is non-responsive to the will of the people, the Constitution says to (create a) militia to address the grievances of the people," Grand Master Jay told a local Fox News affiliate.

"I didn't write it (Constitution). They wrote it. We just abide by it. So that's our destination because when it looks like the government is being indifferent to the people, the people have the right to form themselves (into a militia) and arm themselves, to ask those questions," he added.

The Coalition has issued instructions to those who want to participate in its march, which takes place later today. Apart from staying peaceful, the organization has also asked marchers to wear black and carry arms.

Breonna Taylor
African-American emergency technician, 26, was shot dead by Louisville police on March 13, this year. Twitter

This has led to security concerns and the local police authorities are on alert. Some other militias are also planning to conduct marches at the same time. The danger of escalation is present but the police feel that things would remain calm. "We expect nothing but a peaceful protest this weekend," police officer Major Aubrey Gregory said.

The death of Taylor took place during a raid by police on her residence, which they conducted through a 'no-knock' warrant. The young woman was suspected to be giving shelter to a drug dealer. However, neither the person they were looking for nor any narcotics were found in the house.

After the incident, the FBI launched an investigation into the matter but as of now, none of the people involved in the raid have had any charges filed against them. One police detective who was associated with the action was fired last month. An investigation into this case and another one has been launched by a government oversight committee.

Still, the lack of disciplinary or criminal action in the matter has exasperated the black community and now the 'Not F***ing Around Coalition' is demanding the removal of the current mayor and members of the city council.