Miles Long: Five things I learned when setting up a business

Miles long

Always plan for the unexpected

Life will always throw you curveballs but it's how you handle them that matters, says entrepreneur Miles Long.

He believes that demonstrating to your employees that you're able to perform under pressure will be critical to your success.

Have a back up plan

The tactical thinker advises that anyone setting up a new venture should always have a backup plan, so you know how to handle if things aren't working out like you planned.

Miles is a firm believer in being not just flexible when it comes to business but having the forethought to have planned for a few "worst case" scenarios.

While it's important to be positive, these safety nets and backup plans might be the difference to your overall success.

Positive people only

Growing up, Miles says his dad always told him to surround himself with people that he looked up to and wanted to be like.

Their attitude towards things, good and bad, will rub off on you so why not make sure they have all the attributes you want in yourself?

He suggests that if you want to be successful, have drive, work ethic, dreams and goals, you should find people who are already like that and spend time with them.

Don't take no for an answer

If you believe in yourself and your goals, find a way to achieve them, advises Miles.

There will always be someone who puts you down or says that you can't do something but ignore them.

Don't let someone else, who will never achieve what you are already trying to do, let you think you can't achieve your dreams.

Work harder than everyone else around you

For Miles, this mantra is the heart of his mindset and success and is something that he can't stress enough.

Understanding that when it's your business and everything stops with you, you have to be the one to set the pace and the standard.

This means that as the business owner you need to be working harder than everyone else.

Miles says that if your employees see you have that drive and motivation, they will have it too.