Mike Poglese Reveals His Mantra For Gaining Sustainable Success

Mike Poglese

Free99Leads System, Co-Founded by Mike Poglese which aims to bring customized support, resources, and tools to unravel the potential success of coaches.

Digital Marketing is an essential asset for every brand in the technology-forward era of today. When the pandemic hit the world in 2020, it further acted as a catalyst for the boom in the digital phase. Amidst the hustle-bustle of the world going underground, the e-market emerged as a new important service for the e-world.

Mike Poglese saw this opportunity and synthesized it into something which will operate by helping thousands of people all around the world. Being influenced by a life coach who morphed his life into a purposeful one, Mike decided that his new system will help coaches in scaling their business. Today, social media and websites are the best way to promote someone and establish their digital footprint. Mike Poglese shares how he created his multi-figure ventures and is on his way to the launch of another dynamic system.

1. Take inspirations from Down Falls

Mike has always been passionate about his entrepreneurial journey from the start. In 2016, he was able to stack up a 6 figure income. In 2018, he launched a wildly successful brand called BrandBerry and further amassed a 7 figure income. However, due to human caprice, the mental health was deteriorating and then he invested in a life coach.

After 90 days, Mike decided to bring his business as the priority and things evolved from stressful to fulfilling. He shares, "Our systems are a direct creation of the trials & tribulations I have experienced while scaling my business since 2018. All of the strategies and systems created have been a result of continuous trial and error."

2.Commit Time In Moderation

Being successful doesn't mean you have to burn yourself out in passion. What a true business demands are a commitment in moderation. This theory helped Mike gain back 30hrs. While building a foundation for his business and focusing more on his life.

His life coach made him admire the simpler things in life like morning routines, meditation, NLP, and the healing process after you have been through a trauma. A business is not supposed to depress you, a real venture will provide a sense of fulfillment, gratitude, happiness and impact more lives through it.

If you treat your business as a hustle, you will be working overtime, stressing over every aspect, and moreover denying other life duties. A hustle is good if it is short-lived but to build something substantial one needs to create a plan and strategy and curate a road map for executing it with perfection. Mike aims to help coaches scale up their business online and also help them retrieve their lost asset, that is time. A coach brought about revelation for him and now Mike wants other people to have a chance at gaining their astray peace too.

Mike shares, "I inspire others by being the change they wish to see in the world. I am the definition of leading by example. I will never tell you to do something that I am not doing myself." Don't forget to learn more about Mike and his milestones through his social media profile.