Mike Ogbebor's Winning Formula

Mike Ogbebor

Mentors are a key part of achieving success; they can teach you invaluable information, as well as open doors and create new opportunities for you. Mike Ogbebor, the CEO of Newline Investors, emphasizes that having a tight-knit group is crucial in creating the base of your empire.

Mike credits one of his mentors for pushing him in the direction of the business industry and real estate investment; the latter told him that land was priceless and would always provide income. This proved to be the correct decision. By age 38, Mike had invested in and run several tech startups and founded and partnered in multiple restaurants and dialysis clinics, all of which landed him on the Top 40 under 40 Real Estate Investors in the Nation list.

It's no surprise that Mike's knowledge and charisma got him to where he is now. He's always had ambition and persistence; it was only a matter of time before things took off for him. And now that they have, he's chosen to share what he's learned with others as a public speaker. Tons of people come to listen to Mike explain the steps to his success, with his goal being to eventually help 20 people earn one million dollars by the year 2022.

He hopes to encourage people to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck and take a leap of faith to leave their nine-to-five jobs in the hopes of reaching their own success. It's no easy feat, though Mike is confident in his knowledge as a wealth coach and believes helping others is an integral part of staying humble and making a positive name for himself.

For the future, Mike plans to expand his business portfolio and generate enough income so those he eventually leaves behind can live comfortably for years to come. Retirement is not even a thought; there is always a new opportunity to capture and make something of.

Mike began his journey at the age of 21 when he decided he wanted to create a better life for his family, who had emigrated from Africa to America into a one-bedroom apartment that housed his family of five at seven years old. He had gone from living on welfare in the dodgy neighborhood's in the Houston area to create an empire for himself, all because he was determined to build financial wealth.

His countless years of determination, hard work, and practice have finally paid off for Mike, proving that no matter what your background is, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. It won't be easy, but having a plan laid out and sticking to it is one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself.

Today, Mike's brand has grown impressively. He's accumulated over one million followers on his Instagram, @MikeInc__, whom he engages with daily, sharing his knowledge and tips on investing and growing your own business. Rather than becoming another statistic in America, Mike went after his dreams and came out on top. Now, he hopes the same can happen for others.