Mihir Sukthankar's Tools of theTrade

Mihir Sukthankar

The circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic have seen large swaths of people enter the trading industry. With many either under work-from-home arrangements or left unemployed, people have been left with the free time to get into trading. Making the process easier is the presence of various apps, websites, and other resources to get into trading from the comforts of home. The younger generations, particularly Millennials and Generation Z, are particularly sensitive to these developments due to their risk-tolerant behavior and affinity for technology.

Eighteen-year-old Californian trader Mihir Sukthankar is one of the young traders drawn to the allure of the financial world. Starting with the part-time stock trading at just fourteen years old for on-the-side income, Mihir saw his hobby turn into a passion and eventually a career-shaping opportunity.

What distinguishes Mihir from the droves of other young traders is his passion for trading. This, combined with Mihir's resilience, adaptability, and almost-pathological perseverance, has seen him become not only a highly-successful trader at eighteen years old but also a financial mentor and founder of three different financial technology companies.

Mihir's experiences as an inexperienced young investor exposed him to the difficulties of starting out. Although Mihir's passion and workaholic attitude let him put the hours in learning, researching, and studying the market, he knew that many others did not have the time or the energy to invest. With this, he established Traders Circle X, a trading organization that shares condensed market information in the form of signals to help its members succeed with their trades. Due to the efforts of Mihir and his partners, TCX has grown to over 4,000 members, drawn to the organization's options win rate of over 90%.

Involvement in TCX was only a starting point for Mihir. His exposure led him to discover the need for a personalized trading aid for those who didn't have the time for organizations like TCX. Luckily, his past experiences in coding and website-building for various non-profit organizations prepared Mihir well for such a task. With these, Mihir created BoostedQuant, a personalized trading bot that uses machine learning to design future strategies for the market, which Mihir hopes will change the investment game. BoostedQuant is a more hands-free option compared to TCX and distinguishes itself by its ability to design and predict investment strategies for future markets and customizability with regards to a customer's investment needs and risk preferences.

Ever the workaholic, Mihir is also working on a newer project called Market Dice, aiming to offer concise and relevant market information in newsletter form. Aware of the problems with giving newbie investors too much information without the necessary training, Mihir aims to have the platform offer regular webinars in the future. These webinars would cover and dissect a variety of relevant trading topics, ranging from stocks to cryptocurrency, futures, and real estate that will be available for all traders. In its final form, Mihir aims for Market Dice to be the standalone trading platform for straight-to-the-point information and convenient navigable routes for any type of trader.

Traders Circle X has been of great help to its over 4,000 members during the pandemic, with some even quitting their jobs to become full-time traders. Mihir hopes that BoostedQuant and Market Dice will have the same impact, hoping to offer various forms of financial technology to help all kinds of traders.

Mihir aims to transform the financial industry to become more approachable to the public. With the tools he offers, Mihir hopes that more people will be able to achieve financial freedom at a younger age.