Microsoft to introduce new antivirus app for Android and iOS; Will it stop phishing attacks?

  • Google deleted 600 malicious apps from the Play Store

  • Microsoft decided to bring a new antivirus app in the market

  • Defender antivirus for Android and iOS will help to keep the phishing attacks away

In the past few years, security researchers have noticed a surge in malware-related apps which affected mostly the Android users. Despite following several security measures, the threat actors find success in launching malicious apps in the Play Store and other market places.

Recently Microsoft has planned to introduce a new defender antivirus software for Android as well as iOS. The company is developing apps for the operating systems which are designed to provide antivirus prevention and a "full command line experience."

It should be noted that even though the software giant has not revealed anything about what the app will do, the company plans to preview them at the RSA Conference which will take place between February 23 and 28 at Moscone Center, San Francisco, California.

Vulnerable apps

Earlier on several occasions, Google was informed by the security researchers about the presence of malicious apps in Play Store. While the tech giant has deleted many of these compromised apps and in latest blog post, they stated that 600 malicious apps have been removed for the practice of delivering "disruptive" ads.

A report has revealed that Cheetah Mobile has been one of the biggest troublemakers in terms of compromised apps on Play Store. The report said that Cheetah has created about 45 of those newly banned apps. But still, there are many apps which can cause issues in a smartphone device after the installation and may spread a virus which can make the system vulnerable.

Microsoft plans to integrate Robot OS with Windows 10
Microsoft plans to integrate Robot OS with Windows 10 Microsoft

New Defender app

Microsoft stared a public preview for the Defender antivirus on macOS almost a year ago and changed the name from Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). The defender app is claimed to provide full virus and threat protection mixed with the ability to perform quick or full scans.

As mentioned by the software giant, the mobile Defender clients will likely be very different from the desktop version, especially as the iOS platforms don't allow apps to scan for malware across Apple devices.

Apple Mac Pro
Apple Mac Pro YouTube Grab

The market for antivirus apps

Even though there are several antivirus apps which are currently available in the market place such as App Store and Play Store. But all as per the experts all of them are not reliable enough. So, now when Microsoft is joining this growing market, it can be believed that the company will provide the ultimate security app to prevent malware in Android apps that are sideloaded onto devices.

When it comes to the aim of the new Defender app, prevention of phishing attacks on iOS and Android platforms stand out aloft as these attacks result in accidental revelation of sensitive details such as names, password and company employee details. How Microsoft achieves this on iOS is yet to be disclosed.