Michigan Woman Arrested for Shooting Neighbor's Cat in the Neck; Faces 4 Years in Prison

A Michigan woman who allegedly shot her neighbor's cat with a crossbow is charged with one third degree felony of torturing an animal. However, the woman has claimed that she shot the cat in self defense. This incident has triggered several harsh reactions from animal rights activists, pet lovers and advocacy groups. Some are signing the petition that demands strict action against the perpetrator.

Taylor Rose Shipman, 23, of East Tawas, is facing an animal cruelty charge after she allegedly shot her neighbor's cat named Oliver with a crossbow earlier this month. If convicted, she could face up to four years in prison and $5,000 in fines.

Cat Was Discovered on His Owner's Porch with a Crossbow Bolt Sticking Out of His Neck

A report published in ABC News says that the cat's owner Erik Erickson found the animal on July 15, which was days after the shooting, on his front porch in Baldwin Township with an arrow sticking through its neck, according to the Iosco County Sheriff's Office.

Shipman Admitted to Shooting Oliver in Defense of Her Own Cats

"Where the arrow was rubbing on his ears was just raw," Erickson told WNEM. Soon, he contacted his neighbors and asked them if they had any idea of the incident. He told MLive.com that he spoke with Shipman, who admitted to shooting Oliver on July 11, saying the cat had come onto her property, was lunging at people, and appeared to have rabies. "My jaw dropped," Erickson told.

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Oliver Ran Off and Is Alive

The injured cat received the treatment at Tawas Animal Hospital. With the help of a fundraiser set up by the Iosco Humane Society, Erickson was able to cover all of Oliver's vet bills. "He is doing spectacular," Erickson told MLive.com. "I'm humbled a bit from his strength."

"There's a lot of good people out there in the world still," Erickson told WNEM. "They were reaching out from different states and Tawas is a pretty good community."

Upon further investigation, the sheriff's office issued a warrant for Shipman's arrest. On Monday, she turned herself in. She has since been released on $10,000 bond.

Social Media Reactions

Netizens expressed their displeasure over the incident and slammed Taylor for her 'inhuman' attitude. There were many comments on social media that said a strict punishment should be imposed on her for this animal abuse. One Twitter user wrote: "Has she been checked by a Psychiatrist? Killing/harming small pets is a first clue to Full blown Psychopath."

Another wrote: "I don't think it is right to shoot your neighbors cat but neighbors should be responsible for their animals." Some people expressed sympathy for the cat and said the pet had to suffer a lot due to Taylor's animal abuse while some were relieved that Oliver survived.