Michigan Prof who said 'F**k You' to Students over Zoom Assigns 'Osama bin Laden Nobel Prize' Paper

'As a Jew and a lifelong human rights advocate, I can assure you I wasn't recruiting for Al Qaeda,' prof Barry Mehler said.

A Michigan professor assigned a paper to students asking them to describe 'why Osama Bin laden was considered for Nobel Peace Prize?' The Ferris State University History Professor Barry Mehler came under scrutiny in late January after telling his students in a video that they are 'vectors of disease.' "I don't want to be anywhere near you, so keep your f**king distance," he said, before adding that he is beholden to 'no human c**ksucker' and has a 'paying f**king union job.'

Quoting public records, Fox News Digital reported that Prof Mehler assigned the 2000 word essay titled 'Term Paper: Why Osama bin Laden should be considered for a Nobel Peace' multiple times since 2014. He told the outlet that the assignment intended to make students view history 'from an unusual angle.'

"As a Jew and a lifelong human rights advocate, I can assure you I wasn't recruiting for Al Qaeda," Prof Mehler said about his assigned paper. The assignment was given in a class titled 'The Middle East in the Modern Era.'

Prof Barry Mehler
Prof Barry Mehler Screen grab - Ferris State University

'I'm a F**king Tenured Professor'

Prof Mehler further told the outlet that he often hands out assignments like these to view history from a different angle. "You want the student to be able to step out of their own comfort zone and explore the way other people view the world," he said.

Prof Mehler earlier told students that he is 'beholden to no human c**sucker' and is working a 'paying f**king union job.' "No limber d**k of an administrator is going to tell me how to teach my classes because I'm a f**king tenured professor," she said.

He even told 'f**k you' to students who intended to file a complaint with the dean over Prof Mehler's profanity-laced language. "I'm retiring at the end of this year and I couldn't give a flying f**k any longer," he said.

'Trigger Warning'

Later, the professor noted that his profanity-laden speech was adapted from an episode from HBO's Deadwood. He used it as a lesson to address the issue of plagiarism. A university spokesperson at the time condemned the language used by the professor and noted he is under administrative leave, pending the outcome of an investigation.

According to Fox News Digital, multiple syllabi from Prof Mehler's classes contain a 'trigger warning' stating that Dr. Mehler takes on many personas, some of them are racist and some of them are sexist. As a result, Dr. Mehler uses profanity and what are ordinarily unacceptable racial and gender slurs.