Michigan Family of 4 Missing After 'Bizarre 911 Call', Police Fear the Worst

Police are working round the clock to find a family of four who went missing on October 16 in Michigan.

The Cirigliano family – Anthony and Suzette, both 51, and their sons Brandon, 19 and Noah, 15, who have autism - unexpectedly left their home in Fremont, Michigan, in a silver colored 2005 Toyota Sienna mini-van with Michigan registration DJL1982.

The Fremont Police says the family last contacted them on October 16. Anthony had been paranoid. Since then, there is no information about the family. Their phones are turned off.

Missing Family
Fermont Police

Paranoid Behaviour

The Michigan State Police said Tony was exhibiting paranoid behaviours on Sunday. Fremont's chief police told the local media that Tony Cirigliano called 911 just after midnight Sunday and two officers went to his home. Tony was talking about the September 11, 2001 attacks and wanted to talk to the FBI.

The officers spent an hour talking to Suzette and Anthony. "Honestly, that's a very abnormal thing to say, and make a police report of," the police said. "Before they left, the officers told Anthony and Suzette Cirigliano to call police with any other issues and they would be there to help."

Paul Cirigliano, Tony's brother, described the 911 call concerning. "We think maybe he might be having mental health sort of issue and maybe he's scared of something but we definitely just want to let him know there's nothing to be scared of, and he can reach out to me, and we'll help him."

Paul added that it's unlike for the family to be out of touch. "They usually wouldn't even go as far as like Walmart without letting somebody know, so it's very unlike them. It's certainly not an abrupt vacation by any means."

The community is shocked at the sudden and abrupt disappearance.

Investigations Continue

Tim Rodwell, the police chief, said investigators don't have any evidence of foul play. The missing Cirigliano family left behind pets and a family member who requires full-time care, unattended. "An elderly relative who has dementia, and who the family was caring for, was found Monday walking the neighbourhood, Rodwell said. "She is now being cared for by other family members."

Missing Family
Fermont Police

The police revealed there are no signs of violence. "We don't see any signs of foul play right now. There are no signs of struggle inside the home."

The public has been urged to come forward if they have any information about the missing family.