Michelle Obama's Brother and Sister-In -Law Sue USM School For Expelling their Sons, Alleges Racial Bias

Michelle Obama's brother Craig Robinson and his wife Kelly are suing the University School of Milwaukee for expelling their sons from the school in 2021. The couple has accused the school authorities of racial bias which they say became the grounds for the expulsion of their sons.

The delayed legal action by Robinson couple has raised many eyebrows and has resulted in various speculations on social media.

Robinsons had enrolled their sons aged 9 and 11 years in USM in 2016. The school expelled their elder son in April 2021 and the younger one in June 2021.

Craig Robinson and Kelly Robinson

Racial Bias Couldn't Have Surfaced After Five Years

A large number of social media followers have termed this case of "indiscipline by the affluent family" adding that Robinson couple had adopted a high-handed approach to put forward their concerns. Some followers are also stating that Craig Robinson is the brother of former first lady Michelle Obama and he used this relationship to dictate the terms to USM authorities.

It is rather odd that Robinson couple did not notice "racial bias" for five years as their sons had been going to this school since 2016. How did it surface all of a sudden during virtual schooling in Covid-19? questioned a faction of social media followers.

As reported by the New York Post, Craig Robinson stated that there was repeated use of racial and ethnic stereotypes in actual assignments in addition to an insensitivity for socioeconomic status of some students during virtual classes during covid-19.

Kelly Robinson had sent emails to the school authorities apprising them about the problem.

Robinson also related to the stories shared by the parents of other children stating that black students were meted out with harsher punishments than their counterparts.

However, the authorities at USM termed the content of the emails as "disrespectful and deflating".

A tweet read, "Parent's behavior must have been pretty bad if it caused the school to turn their backs on $48K tuition for the 2 kids! Plus they had to know there might well be a lawsuit!"

Another tweet stated, "Craig Robinson (Michelle Obama's brother) & wife Kelly sues their sons' school over the boys being kicked out after they questioned what was being taught there. Seems perfect grist for the right wing faux outrage mill. Let's see how fast they pick it up."