Michelle Keegan
Michelle Keegan Michelle Keegan Official Instagram michkeegan

Michelle Keegan turned up the heat with a sizzling selfie. She put her enviable figure on display, posing in sultry lingerie while on vacation in Dubai.

The 32-year-old actress looked gorgeous as she reportedly shared the cheeky black and white snap with her 4.1 million Instagram followers. Michelle put her tanned and toned figure on display in a scanty two-piece as she posed in front of a selection of mirrors.

She also revealed she had been keeping 'hydrated' thanks to a selection of piña coladas instead of water during her UAE getaway.

During an interview on The Jonathan Ross Show, the actress joked that she was not getting any younger but was not yet ready to start a family.

When asked if babies are on the horizon, Michelle told the host: 'Not yet. Everyone always asks that question. Don't get me wrong, I'm not getting any younger. My mum is on it as well. No plans yet, but we definitely do want children in the future.'

Michelle Keegan
Michelle Keegan Michelle Keegan Official Instagram michkeegan

She also spoke about how they managed to make their marriage work, while they had to live in different countries due to their careers.

The actress seems to be enjoying some success with her latest series Brassic. The actress also seems to advocate body positivity as she seems to support Jameela Jamil's I Weigh campaign, a body positivity movement that encourages women to recognise they are worth so much more than what the scales say.

Speaking to The Sun, Michelle said, "Oh, I love her...She's empowering women and young girls. We're not about our weights or our looks. I love that she's promoting a healthy body image and all the positives in her life: having a loving family, being a good friend – that's what's real."

Michelle Keegan is gorgeous and she knows it. These pics seem to prove it. You can check out the pic here:

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