Michael Sussman Trial: Disaster for Hillary Clinton Around the Corner? Social Media Chatter

The much-awaited trial of Michael Sussman, former campaign attorney of Hillary Clinton, will get underway on Monday.

Sussman is being tried for providing false information to FBI pertaining to collusion between the Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russia.

Questions Over Hillary's Integrity

There are speculations on social media that Sussman's trial may spell disaster for Hillary Clinton, the probable candidate for Democrats in 2024 Presidential elections.

President Biden's cognitive problems and Vice President Kamala Harris's unpopularity have made Hillary a strong contender.

However, the ongoing controversy in Sussman's case has raised questions over Hillary's integrity thereby creating a dent in her popularity.

Michael Sussman

Hillary Clinton's Political Career Will Come to a Dead End

According to a report published by The Paradise, Sussman in the information shared with FBI categorically stated that he was not representing any clients. Whereas in reality, he was representing the Clinton campaign. FBI initiated an investigation based on the information provided by Sussman which did not have any grounds. that projected FBI in a bad light. As a result, special counsel John Durham was assigned to review the FBI investigation, the report stated further.

A group of social media followers has lambasted Hillary calling her a manipulator and a conniving politician. They also stated that she will wriggle out of the situation as the likes of Michael Sussman will take the blame and go to jail.

However, another faction of social media followers believes that this trial will expose Hillary Clinton and her misdemeanors adding that she will be out of the Presidential candidate's race. They also said that this would be the end of her political career.

A Twitter user while expressing his opinion on the issue stated, "Michael Sussman, a nice Jewish boy who went to good schools to become a lawyer and then got a job telling lies for Hillary Clinton is on trial for lying to the FBI. Maybe his defense will be, "Nu? Doesn't the FBI tell lies all the time?"

Another user replying to @ChristPNews wrote, "Rumble? Hard pass biased opinion commentary with #GQP #FakeNews, not facts Yes, the trial starts tomorrow for Sussman who is accused of lying Nothing about Clinton and zero charges."

"Rachel Maddow still has not apologized for 4 years of lies on Hillary paid for Dossier. Cannot wait for Sussman trial. (said it was nothing.) Turn off the brainwashing box of lies. #rachelmaddow #lies #RussianCollusion #Dossier. Turn all news media off America," read a tweet.