Michael Ray and Carly Pearce are now officially married

After a year of togetherness, the country singers Michael Ray and Carly Pearce have finally tied the knot. The couple got married in Nashville on October 6, 2019. The country singer, who made her single debut with "Every Little Thing" is now officially married to Michael Ray, US Weekly confirms. Ray is an American songwriter and a singer, who got engaged to Carly Pearce in December 2018.

Michael Ray with wife Carly Pearce
Michael Ray with wife Carly Pearce Michael Ray/Instagram

The couple had obtained a marriage license in September this year and now it is official that they have tied the knot in Nashville. Michael Ray shared an endearing picture with his wife in September with a hashtag that indicated #COUNTDOWNISON. In the post he eagerly asks Carly Pearce to meet him at the altar.

Carly Pearce seemed to be over the moon as she was gushing with joy and happiness in a post that spoke about her being engaged to Michael Ray. She had posted three pictures of the proposal in December 2018. In the post she exclaimed how the man of her dreams got down on his knees and asked her to be his wife. She further added in the post where she confessed how she would have married Michael the first time they hung out since she knew he was the one for her! She added two hashtags #OMGIHAVEAFIANCE and #LOOKATTHATRING that complimented the post.

The Kentucky origin country singer told, US Weekly in November 2018, that she can see or is rather sure that Michael Ray and her can start a family. She also spoke about how alike the couple are and she further admits that their lives are not very easy. The "Closer to You" singer opened up about her favorite part about her relationship, to US Weekly, which is the fact that she gets to share every single thing with someone she's in love with.

The couple have also shared some adorable pictures on their social media handle since they announced their engagement in December. Their fans have been going gaga over their pictures and the excitement seems to be at its peak at this moment since they have been married. The couple had confirmed them being together last year in the month of July.