Michael Goguen: Billionaire Faces Lawsuit for Keeping Spreadsheet of 5000 Women he had Sex with

Michael Goguen is sued for $800 million by four employees who claim they help him run a 'harem' of women.

A tech billionaire is accused of maintaining a 'harem' and keeping a spreadsheet of 5000 women he had sex with, including teenagers. A former partner at Sequoia Capital, Michael Goguen, 57, who now manages his own firm, is facing a lawsuit from four employees who claim they helped him manage his 'harem' of women.

The married father of two, Goguen, who is currently married to his fourth wife, was accused of 'countless hours of forced sodomy' by his former girlfriend, exotic dancer Amber Baptiste in 2016, in a sexual misconduct allegation that cost him his high-profile job.

According to New York Post, the latest 135-page long lawsuit was filed by former employees of Goguen's Amyntor Group LLC, a security contractor. The Lawsuit claimed Goguen met with the women at various safe houses, or in the basement of his bar in Whitefish, a small town in Montana where he currently resides. He allegedly referred to the basement as 'boom boom' room.

Michael Goguen
Michael Goguen Screen grab - AP

'Harem' of women

The current lawsuit also named Matthew Marshall, the former head of Amyntor who was Goguen's 'right-hand man'. He pled guilty to wire fraud and other charges earlier this month and admitted that Goguen allegedly managed a 'harem' of numerous women, including married women, strippers, and prostitutes, with whom he engaged in 'illicit sexual activity.' He even maintained a spreadsheet of his sexual encounters with 5,000 women.

It was also revealed that Goguen made Marshall pay for expenses relating to Goguen's safe houses out of his personal account to keep his then-wife, Jordana from finding out about a number of properties that Goguen extensively used for his extramarital affairs. The lawsuit also alleged that Goguen lured women by offering 'gifts' including alcohol, travel, jewelry, cash, and health care expenses, to perform other 'deviant sexual acts' with him, and/or to keep mum about the whole matter as part of the 'Goguen Sexual Enterprise.'

Goguen threatened those who tried to stop him

According to the lawsuit obtained by Daily Mail, Goguen threatened those who tried to put a stop to his atrocious activities. His friend, Bryan Nash branded him a 'pedophile' after Goguen, while visiting Nash's house with his two daughters, eloped with their high-school-aged babysitter to have sex with her. When Nash confronted him about the same, Goguen threatened to kill him. The age of the babysitter was not clear.

Goguen even began engaging in sexual activities with Nash's wife and paid for her divorce proceedings. The lawsuit further stated that Goguen, in a string of text messages to Marshall described how Nash has the potential to destroy him if he went to the authorities or the press and that he needs to be killed. Goguen, however, did not try to have nash killed, the lawsuit added.

The current lawsuit is demanding $800 million in damages claiming various violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) act.