Michael Dallas-Petersen On Differentiating Your Product from your Competition

Michael Dallas-Petersen

Michael Dallas-Petersen has over the last five years succeeded in building successful businesses within the very competitive and ever-growing social media space. A typical market niche, like a pie, is big enough for there to be a piece for each and every person, the portions they each get are what differ. Social media marketing and automation space is no exemption. The fact that person A can sell an item means there's room for person B and C to come in and sell a similar product or service that responds to that same need. The difference in the market shares is usually attributed to product differentiation which gives a competitive advantage to one product over another.

With the many social media businesses available it is easy to get lost in the melee and be overlooked by potential clients. This is why it is vital to differentiate your business and set it apart from within the crowd. Social media marketing and automation coach Michael Dallas-Petersen, having successfully built numerous businesses within the vast social media space, shared some ways in which one can set their business apart and scale it up to maximum profitability consistently.

Some of the key ideas that he shared that can help one to differentiate a business and make it successful is in improving his service or product delivery such that the clients get the most out of it. In Michael's businesses, for instance, he is able to fully automate a business from the prospecting phase to the sales call. And where needed, he is able to employ a network of virtual assistants to help deliver on the trickier and complex tasks that may arise. Going the extra mile to automate processes and integrate the necessary systems for clients sets him apart from his fellow marketing and automation coaches.

Michael has also differentiated himself by identifying his target audience. In identifying the specific audience, he is able to tailor his message to them therefore removing any ambiguity that comes with a general blanket message. In his marketing and automation business, his clients mostly include agency owners and business owners. He specifically targets dentists who want fewer leads and more patients coming in to sit in their seats. He also targets mortgage brokers who may have a team of loan officers who are young, hungry, and ready to embrace technology and stop relying on referrals by coaching them to automate their processes.

Michael Dallas-Petersen also sets himself apart by his ability to always ask his audience what they want and actually delivering exactly as needed as opposed to giving them what he "thinks" they want. According to Michael, the ability to consistently listen to clients on a daily basis is underrated and therein lies the strength in achieving market success.

In addition, Michael also recommends that if you want your business to rank highly on Google searches you need to provide alternative keywords in addition to the common ones, especially for names. For instance, he said that if your name is Matt Tommy or another common name, you should add words such as coaching to the name so that your name comes up more often when people conduct searches using more specific words. The whole point is to always stand out from within numerous search results which increases visibility.