Miami spectators threatened my family, Wozniacki claims

2017 WTA Finals Singapore
Caroline Wozniacki Reuters

Danish woman tennis player Caroline Wozniacki has denounced "threats" by spectators during the second round match of the Premier Mandatory of Miami against Puerto Rican Mónica Puig.

"People in the public threatened my family, they wanted my father and mother dead, and they told me things I do not want to repeat," the world's number two said on her Twitter account on Saturday about the incidents on Friday.

Wozniacki, who lost to Puig (0-6, 6-4, 6-4) in an intense game in which the public took the side of the Puerto Rican, asked the tournament organizers to take measures because this behavior is a "horrible example" for tennis players and supporters, reports Efe.

Among the facts denounced by Wozniacki are also alleged profanities uttered to the niece and nephew - both 10 years old - of her fiancé.

Given this behavior, said the Dane, the organizers of the tournament not only did "nothing to prevent it but allowed it to happen".

After hearing the complaint of the player, the director of the tournament, James Blake, said in a statement that "the safety of the players is their first priority" and that, although the event had a "passionate" audience, neither the staff of the tournament nor any of the WTA "were witnesses, nor informed, of any type of threats".

"If we had been informed, the situation would have been addressed immediately," said Blake, who highlighted his commitment to offering a "safe and fair environment" during the tournament.

Wozniacki wished that Puig, whom she described as a friend and a great opponent on Friday, has the best possible tournament.