A probable air crash site of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has got identified, top aviation experts have stated. The MH370 disappeared in March 2014 during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and is thought to have been intentionally plunged into the Southern Indian Ocean.

The crash has been creating mystery after pieces of the Boeing 777-200ER washed up on the coastlines many months and years after it got vanished with around 239 people on board. The aviation experts investigating the flight have now spotted a probable crash site that they claim needs a new search of the ocean floor, as reported by Mirror Online.

MH370 Crash Site

Representational Picture Pixabay

Victor Iannello, who helped Australian officials during a previous search stated that there are high chances that the plane is within 100 nautical miles of the probable impact site. He is one of the experts who published a new technical report stating that the plane flew 115 miles west of Banda Aceh on Sumatra after it was turned around en route to China and flown back over Malaysia.

"I won't speak for the other three authors, but I believe there are better than even odds that the plane is within 100 nautical miles 115 miles of our last estimated point. Any other area has a much lower probability. Portions of the recommended search area were already searched by GO Phoenix and Ocean Infinity. Other the portions that were previously searched, some of the data is either missing or of low quality due to the challenging terrain of the seafloor," Iannello stated.

For determining the highest probability of the flight path Iannello, Bobby Ulich, and Richard Godfrey made a model that looked at the civilian and military radar. They then used the data for analyzing debris that washed up miles away from a suspected crash site studying 2,300 possible flight paths in the process. March 2020 marked the sixth anniversary of the crash. The search for the plane was called off but the government of Malaysia stated that it will consider restarting the search when credible evidence is discovered.

"The Government of Malaysia reiterates that the aspiration to locate MH370 has not been abandoned. Should credible new information emerge which can be used to identify the specific location of the aircraft, consideration will be given in determining future search operations and re-establishment of the investigation team," a spokesman of the Ministry of Transport.