Mexico Feminist Collectives Facilitating Smuggling of Abortion Pills to US in Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears have become the carriers of smuggled abortion pills from Mexico to US in wake of their increasing demand among women seeking abortions. A large number of states in United States have enforced stringent abortion laws, banning the abortions.

Feminist Collectives in Mexico have come to the rescue of US women seeking abortions as they are not just sending the pills to US but also helping women in their administration. The Mexican organizations are following the strategy of self-managed abortions by handing over abortion-inducing misoprostol and mifepristone to the women willing to terminate their pregnancies. The activists of these organizations are present with these women when they take the drugs.

Feminist groups in US have taken to social media to laud the efforts being made by their counterparts in Mexico adding that this show "unity amongst women" irrespective of the borders that divide them.

However, the activists supporting the abortion laws have condemned the ongoing activity and have demanded a stringent action against the smugglers and their counterparts in US.

Protest against abortion laws

Smuggling of Abortion Pills Will Increase with Surging Demand

According to a report published by US News, a home in New York is being used as a pill distribution hub. A small apartment just south of the U.S.-Mexico border converted into a safe place for women to end their pregnancies.

Interestingly, the pills are not just being smuggled into the United States inside toys, jars of vitamins or sewn into the hems of clothing but there are women who live in both the countries ie. Mexico and US who are flying with these abortion pills.

A Twitter user while expressing his opinion stated, "The pills are ordered illegally & fulfilled by a pharmacy in India, outside the US jurisdiction. Or the pills are obtained legally in blue states or Mexico. Not sure who you'll sue. Abortion will always exist. The only difference now is that illegal abortions are safer & easier."

Another Twitter user wrote, "They're already after abortion pills. Next on the REP list appears to be a ban on all birth control methods If that happens, I'll go back to smuggling [my wife and I smuggled birth control pills into Ireland when they were illegal."

"Republican states are also going after the abortion pills. If you live in a state close to Canada or Mexico they won't be able to charge them with a crime!!Will they be able to throw masses of us in prison if we stand behind women, girls who need help? Our prisons are overcrowded," read a tweet.