Mexican government has ancient proof of alien existence?

Alien artifact
Alien artifact found in Mexico Dantexfiles2/ YouTube

The existence of life in outer space and the sighting news of aliens always trigger the interest to delve deeper into the mystery. While many theorists who claim that it is not possible that we are all alone in this universe, some people have been sceptical about the idea. But now things have gone a little ahead after a government has come forward to reveal proofs of extraterrestrial contact.

After several claims of alien sighting in Mexico and other parts of the world in the beginning of the New Year, the Mexican government has revealed some proof to support the alien existence theory. It has made public some documents, images of alien objects, its findings earlier from several places in the country.

According to Hidden Facts, this evidence of the extraterrestrial existence was found over 80 years ago and until today, they were not disclosed.

The Mexican actor and producer, Raul Julia-Levy, who made a documentary on the mystery of alien existence, mentioned that the main object of his documentary was to show the truth that has been hidden in Mexico for decades.

The Mexican government found one disk shaped artefact containing many symbolic texts, which are considered some kind of secret messages. The researchers have arduously translated the text, which revealed shocking information.

According to their observation, they found an astronaut controlling a craft, the earth's atmosphere, depicted by two rings, and a self-controlled spacecraft.

However, coming to ET's existence, scientists have found unknown signals from space and are exploring further to know their origin. MIT radio astronomer John A. Ball's "Zoo Theory" could bring a new light to the unveiled secret.

This article was first published on January 14, 2018