Meth Monks: Thai Temple Vacant After Monks Test Positive for Meth, Sent to Rehab

A small Buddhist temple in central Thailand was left without any monk after its entire abbey of monks tested positive for methamphetamine. Following the results, the erring monks were dismissed and sent to a rehab.

Monks Including Abbot Forced to Undergo Urine Test

Vice reported that in the incident which took place at a temple in Phetchabun province's Bung Sam Phan district, in central Thailand, the monks were forced by undergo urine test on Monday following which all four of them including the abbot failed the test. According to the officials, the monks have been sent to a health clinic to undergo drug rehabilitation.

District official Boonlert Thintapthai was quoted by the outlet stating that the temple was now empty of monks and nearby villagers were concerned they cannot do any merit-making. Merit-making includes worshippers donating food to monks as a good deed.

However, the official assured that additional monks will be sent to the temple so that the villagers can continue their religious ceremonies.

Social Media Erupts

Earlier, speaking to Thai Inquirer, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime's (UNODC) Jeremy Douglas had revealed that meth pills, called Yaba, are available on the Thai streets for less than 20 baht (around $0.50). "Meth and particularly Yaba can be easily found in every corner of [Thailand] — supply is up everywhere, and at this point a tablet is cheaper than a beer," Douglas had told the outlet.

Meanwhile the reports received a lot of reactions on the social media. "I see a Netflix reality series where they go into rehab called "Meth monks," tweeted a user.

"If anyone in Hollywood is listening, Cocaine Bear vs. Meth Monks is *definitely* the kind of high-quality entertainment that would get my ass back out to theaters. Let's make this happen, people," wrote another.

"Most of the society is learning that not all those who are wearing saffron can be a holy or respectable person," opined a user.

"This is so messed up... Let the monks do a little meth, they ain't hurtin no one obviously," read a tweet.

"I totally had Buddhist Meth Monks on my 2022 Bingo Card. I kid you not," wrote one.