Metaworld Presents 'Owning IP in Web3 That Could End Up In The Next Cult Classic Film'


We all aspire to have a share and be in the presence of something that has potential, merit, and an ability to make some wonderful phenomenon happen. Ever wondered why? Experts believe that it's a way of belonging to the bigger world picture. It's beautiful to realize how lives of the world are intertwined and in coming together we almost recreate some ancient, historical ritual our creative ancestors felt compelled to create. Films are a collective thing we celebrate together. For Metaworld, owning IP in Web3 can be a similar cult phenomenon that can help people come together to celebrate beauty.

It's no surprise for anyone keeping tabs on the direction our world is taking that the entertainment world is shifting its focus on the next big thing Web3. To begin with, the focus is on popular franchises that span over time and space. For Metaworld, it's the dystopian science fiction genre that has the potential to encourage people to own IP inWeb3. For them, "storylines that are intertwined, linking anything and everything that exists at a time creates a sense of infinite possibilities among people. It helps them see that the world is bigger, larger, stranger, and more beautiful than they ever imagined it to be. It's as much a humbling experience as it's liberating. And it's on those grounds, on the foundation of deep, inner truths that we aim to create stories that will resonate with the masses."

For Metaworld, creating stories that are larger than life and still capable of hitting home are the stuff that gives meaning to entertainment. At the same time, there are new legal formalities owners will need to equip themselves to learn. Right from ownership rights, transformation rules, commercial prospects and more are topics that owners will need to get a hang of in order to make the right decisions. Thanks to the potential of the Web3 platform, it's possible for companies to sell digital figures, key scenes and even potential original movie scripts, all of which is of course tracked by the blockchain to safeguard originality. All in all, a very novel way for watching, distributing, and promoting grand stories backed by well-known casts!

It's not always easy to predict the future of a film. Filmmakers and storytellers like Metaworld bank on their understanding of the pulse of the people. With the new additions possible on Web3, they can now focus more on the creative phenomenon indeed!