MetaNept and Realiz3d collaboration promises hyper-realistic avatars


Virtual Reality is becoming a normal part of everyday life. But this technology has yet to reach its full potential, mainly due to a lack of accessible graphics. VR can leave the simulation and become immersive by implementing hyper-realistic graphics and audio. Hyper-realistic pictures make the virtual world feel real. By creating a sense of presence and immersion within virtual environments, users can experience VR as a tangible reality. VR can leave the simulation and become immersive by creating hyper-realistic graphics and audio.

Technologically advanced actors like MetaNept, a decentralized metaverse, are pushing the limits of what advanced graphics and audio can accomplish. With its native NEPT token serving as a means of access and the currency for its Nept Metaverse, this technologically advanced virtual world is poised to revolutionize how people experience VR. Nept is a virtual community where users can monetize their experiences in VR. They will not only be able to develop economies around their content and assets but also create value for the Metaverse itself.

MetaNept is poised to become the go-to platform for virtual, multi-sensory entertainment with unique design and infrastructure. Entertainers, artists, and their respective teams will be able to deliver virtual experiences far exceeding fans' expectations, positioning META as the go-to platform for VR entertainment. With their collaboration with Realiz3d, MetaNept will be able to create visually complex landscapes and cities easily. Unlike Metaverse's cartoonish interpretation of Reality, Nept's hyper-realistic graphics make the virtual world feel real. This partnership with Realiz3d further pushes the limits of what advanced graphics and audio can accomplish.

"I've been living in the crypto sphere for the last eight years and have closely followed all the hyped metaverse and NFT projects. I ran into ongoing projects offering only an NFT collection, a roadmap, and a few that provided a long-term vision. I saw what was missing in the metaverse space: 3D assets available on launch, elegance, and actionable deliverables, which MetaNept brings to the table." MetaNept Founder and Director Jonathan Cohen said.

The Meta-Nept platform will be a place where users can monetize their virtual assets and experiences, meaning it is a place for creators and their teams to develop economies around their content and assets. This also gives users an incentive to help the Meta-Nept platform, making it more sustainable and valuable.

One of the most exciting features is user advantage. NEPT tokens and NFT holders can take part in the Nept DAO and become active in the governance of the Meta-Nept platform. NEPT tokens continue to increase in value with a fixed supply as participants grow. This platform reflects users' contributions, which strengthens the Meta-Nept platform and drives its importance for all participants. As users add their assets to the community, their collective actions will help develop currencies and economies within it.