Meta Labs Agency Helps NFTs Thrive Where it Matters Most: Utility & Community

Meta Labs Agency

As the non-fungible token (NFT) craze has taken new heights over recent years, two clear factors have emerged throughout successful NFT projects: strong utility and community.
It's becoming increasingly popular for NFT holders to display their art with pride as their profile pictures on social media. It gives holders the ability to immediately identify with fellow collection-holders globally, often translating into real-life networking opportunities. But an NFT project will need more than just pretty art to succeed. It'll need to provide unique utility for
its holders in order to last.

According to a recent analysis of the NFT market by Rolling Stone, the NFT space is poised to foster community building thanks to the unique way brands can connect with collectors and customers. They're able to interact and engage with their communities like never before while scaling their impact and vision. It's provided users with personal and exclusive access to their favorite brands. There's no limit to how NFTs can change your business you just need to know where to look for help.

Meta Labs Agency is the industry's first vertically integrated Web 3 agency.
Their four-step Avatar, Unique Utility, Community, Mint Strategy (AUCM) takes their client through all the processes of launching an NFT the right way.

Their team assists brands with everything they need from ideation, design, development to deployment. This is a true end-to-end solution to take your business into Web 3.

Their most recent project Meta Bounty Hunters sold out within a month.
It went from ideation to deployment in about 2 months and did $2.5 million in revenue within the first 30 minutes of public sale.

While the NFT market took a massive dip in recent months, the Meta Bounty Hunters was one of the very few projects to have its floor price rise. Meta Labs Agency has proven to understand how to build NFT projects that last.

Beginning with Avatar, Meta Labs Agency consults and conceptualizes the art with their client. They have an in-house team of creatives, designers, and artists with Web 3 experience. If your brand already has artwork created, their team will help shape the rest of your brand development around it.

After establishing the art direction, MLA then focuses on defining the unique utilities. Together with their clients, they'll strategize ways to provide more value back to the community such as through direct and affiliate reflections.

When it comes to development, their team is fully knowledgeable in smart contract creation and auditing. They have mint access to 10+ blockchain networks and a deep understanding of smart contracts and how to optimize gas fees.

The most important phase of an NFT project is the sell-through - a place where most NFT projects fail. Using its network of partnerships, Meta Labs Agency is able to offer its clients unique opportunities to drive mass awareness of any project.

From NY billboards, celebrity and influencer promos, social growth, to article and page verifications - their team is equipped to help your project get known.

And if your brand has an existing design and marketing staff, the Meta Labs Agency team will provide their social media playbook - a resource they created to guide their clients through a content strategy roadmap as they launch their NFT project.

Industry forecasts for the value of NFT transactions are expected to reach $13.6 billion by the year 2027. Meta Labs Agency is providing purpose-driven brands the key to unlocking the power of blockchain and taking their business from Web 2 to Web 3.

If you're a business owner wanting to adopt an NFT strategy, reach out to Meta Labs Agency on their website and tell them more about your project.

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