Mercury talks about having a transgender member in the group

Choi Han Bit appeared on Korea's Next Top Model, Cycle 3 in 2012.

Girl group Mercury recently released their official music video, Don't Stop, and is drawing a lot of attention. However, the presence of a transgender member of the group is gaining more traction these days.

Recently, in an interview with International bnt, the girls opened about transgender member Choi Han Bit, and shared their experience on forming the group. Addressing the attention Mercury gets due to Han bit, who appeared on Korea's Next Top Model, Cycle 3 in 2012, the girls stated: "To be honest, we don't complain about it; we think we'll draw more attention because of [Han Bit] unnie. She plays a big role in making Mercury more memorable."

Han Bit, who is a former model and transgender, is the leader of the newly formed group. The 29-year-old underwent male-to-female sex reassignment surgery in 2006. She changed her name from Han-jin to Han-bit, and is legally recognized as female in South Korea.

Furthermore, talking about forming the four member gang, Seoah told the media outlet: "Every girl dreams of being in a girl group. There was a slump during the time I was studying dance, and I think that somehow led me here."

Sehee further added: "We did debut in a girl group, but to be honest, there's some regret [when we think about giving up dance and choosing Mercury], but this feeling would've existed even if we made the other choice."

Sehee also shared that her parents did not approve of her becoming a singer and a girl group member. She said: "They are still against it, but I believe they will support me since its the choice I made."