Mentor By Profession, Dreamer by Heart: Meet the Inspirational Published Author John Holowaty

John Holowaty

We all have a dream to achieve, but are we really working towards it? Before you say, "Well, I'm waiting for an opportunity to come," ask yourself, 'are you giving your best to look for opportunities?' If not, then you need motivation and guidance to do so. John Holowaty is a mentor, published author, and fitness entrepreneur who is on a mission to help others achieve their dreams through his 'Dream Chasers' group.

The 'Dream Chasers' program aims to assist people in network marketing. As the program's mentor, John takes you on a self-reflective and progressive journey to achieve the dream. His rich wisdom and decades of experience make him a perfect mentor to follow.

When asked why he launched this program, John elaborated that he was once a dreamer like today's young people, but he had no one to guide them towards the right path. John made many mistakes that cost him financial and mental stress. He introduced this group with the goal of 'Business, Brain, Body' to help people achieve their dream by building and growing mindsets.

Personally, John faced many challenges in life. He was a personal trainer, but the cost of maintaining the profession was too much. John direly needed a second source of income that could give him financial freedom. A chance encounter, a sudden interest, and attendance at an event were all it took to achieve his financial goal through networking marketing.

Network marketing was everything that John wanted to do. He worked himself up the ladder by being consistent and grabbing maximum opportunities. This industry was more than just a profession; it was a way to help others succeed. In one of his Instagram posts, John says, "With network marketing, you get to help people dream again." This was a dream come true. He could help others and earn profit.

As an accomplished entrepreneur, John takes it upon himself to coach others in achieving their goals. By sending positive messages and emails to his subscribers, John makes sure that others can benefit from his knowledge and experience about personal development and leadership. He has also introduced a community in the group that connects members to successful entrepreneurs and potential partners to grow business.

To lead more people towards the Dream Chasers group and courses, his book, Between Fear and Fortune, is a phenomenal breakthrough for readers to gain valuable insights about life choices and finding fortune. The book contains all the details about John's personal experience with network marketing and his journey towards growth through self-development.