Memoir of a Murderer director praises Seolhyun's passion for acting

Memoir of a Murderer hit local theaters on 6 September.

South Korean singer and actress Seolhyun Instagram/seolhyun.aoa

South Korean film director Won Shin Yeon has only good words for South Korean singer and actress Seolhyun. During an interview for South Korean thriller film, Memoir of a Murderer, the 47-year-old gushed about the 22-year-old member of South Korean girl group AOA.

"Seolhyun is an actress who exhausts the director. I was happy with the cut, and the recording could've been over in 20 minutes, but Seolhyun did it for four hours. We would end it like that, and then two days later, she would call me saying she wanted to redo the scene," Yeon said.

"Seolhyun has that much passion for acting. She is unhindered like that, and at this level, she is an amazing actress. I adore this [her passion for acting]," he added.

This comes after Seol Kyung Kyu made some derogatory comments about Seolhyun. The 50-year-old actor stated that she is a 'baekchi beauty' which is similar to a 'dumb blonde' in English.

During a press conference for Memoir of a Murderer, he said: "She has a 'baekchi' beauty. It's good for actresses to be 'baekchi'. I think it wil be memorable. I hope she does not lose her 'baekchi' beauty even when she's in her 30s and 40s."

However, this statement did not go well with her fans and well wishers. Following the backlash, Kyung Kyu rectified his statement. He said: "During yesterday's press conference, I sincerely apologize that I used a phrase that was not fitting. I wanted to say in a good way that she was innocent and like a piece of white drawing paper, but I used the wrong expression due to my lacking thoughts."

"I apologized to Seolhyun, and I will apologize again officially during a media interview. I will also, in the future, be more careful in the words I use. Thank you for your concerns and I'll always keep learning for the things I'm lacking in. I'm sorry once again," he added.

As for the film, the movie revolves around a former serial killer Byeong-su played by Kyung Kyu, who suffers from early stages of Alzheimer's disease. Seolhyun reprises the role of Byeong-su's only daughter Eun-hee.

Memoir of a Murderer, based on a 2013 novel by writer Kim Young-ha, hit local theaters on 6 September.