Melody Day's Chahee reveals why she wants to wake up beside singer BewhY every morning

Melody Day consists of four members: Yeoeun, Chahee, Yein and Yoomin.

Melody Day's Chahee sidelined a chaotic situation by revealing the real reason for choosing singer BewhY as her ideal type. The 20-year-old reportedly named the idol as her perfect match at a recent broadcast of Happy Together 3.

During the group's interaction with fans via V app, Chahee took the opportunity to clear the air. She appealed fans not to misjudge her, and also apologized BewhY's girlfriend for being quoting out of context. As per reports, when asked about her ideal type, Chahee named the singer and wished to wake up beside his soulful voice every morning.

However, in her apology speech, the pretty singer said, " I want to say something. I always cover male rappers' songs and upload many of [those covers]. I listen to their songs a lot and change them into my acoustic style.

"For TV previously, I listened to BewhY's song while on standby. [On the show], they asked me for my ideal type, and as I was saying I liked men with nice voices, I mentioned BewhY. Because I was nervous. I didn't say I wanted a public relationship [with him], just that a man with a nice voice is my ideal type and I would like for him to wake me up in the morning. The reports went out saying I wanted an open relationship with him, so I am sorry toward [BewhY's] girlfriend. I mentioned him to say he has a nice voice rather than I wanted to date him. BewhY was probably very shocked, " she said.