Is Melissa Cohen Fed Up Confined Indoors? Hunter Biden's 'Pretense of Marriage' on the Rocks

Hunter Biden and Melissa Cohen's marriage is on the rocks owing to their confinement in their residence at Malibu. In the wake of the ongoing investigation against Hunter, the couple has been instructed not to step out of the house so as to avoid media attention.

Social media has reacted to the news of Hunter's marriage break-up, holding him responsible for the mess. A faction stated that Cohen was an independent career woman, a filmmaker who would not want to carry on living in suffocating and unhealthy environment. The followers also added that the sooner she puts an end to this pretense of staying married, the better it would be.

Hunter Biden, Melissa Cohen

Melissa Should Save Herself and Her Son from Hunter

Hunter's detractors also stated that the recent revelations about Hunter's criminal past had resulted in this development. Which woman in her right mind would want to live with a "sex maniac" and a "pedofile"? questioned a faction of social media followers. They also said that Melissa should save herself and her son from an insane individual like Hunter.

Page Six in a report published on July 21 stated that sources close to the President's wayward son revealed that both Hunter and his South African wife "are frustrated because they are in lockdown." Also that Cohen had confided in friends that life with Hunter is "hard."

The report further referred to another source close to the couple who said, "They never go anywhere because they've been instructed to stay out of sight and away from the cameras while the investigation into Hunter continues. Adding to the pressure, the Secret Service lives in a much larger mansion next door to them and they watch over Hunter like hawks. It is extremely frustrating for both of them."

A Twitter user shared his opinion adding, "HEY! He MADE his bed & Melissa got into it KNOWING what Hunter IS! Is she THAT GULLIBLE or just that stupid??? Hunter basically INVITED the Secret Service to watch them round the clock!"

"Hunter Biden's marriage to Melissa Cohen is on the rocks/ This young woman should leave HB, take her young son & never look back! Where's Hunter?! I don't want 2 pay $30,000monthly 4 the Secret Service 2 stay in a Malibu Mansion! @POTUS

"Hunter Biden's marriage to Melissa Cohen is on the rocks. Did @JoeBiden find a way for Taxpayers to pay the 20k/mo rent along with Secret Service?? This whole Biden Disaster is getting worse daily!"