Melisa Raouf: London Girl Becomes First Ever Make-Up-Free Contestant in Miss England's 94-year History

A contestant in the Miss England pageant appeared on the catwalk without any make-up, becoming the first-ever beauty queen in the pageant's 94-year history. Melisa Raouf, who claimed that she is not afraid to share who she is, impressed the judges during the semifinals in London, on Tuesday.

Raouf, 20, took to the catwalk without any cosmetics and believes that it will inspire women to feel comfortable with their real skin.

Melisa Raouf
Melisa Raouf Twitter

First-Ever Beauty Queen To Appear In The Pageant's 94-Year History

Previously, a bare-faced top model was introduced in the pageant, but this is the first time that one of the contestants has appeared without any make-up.

Melisa has now reached the finals and stated that she will go bare-faced again on the stage.

The King's College student described getting to the finals as being "quite a daunting experience" while adding that it was "so amazing to win this way."

Melisa Raouf
Melisa Raouf Twitter

Melisa Never Felt Comfortable in Make Up

Melisa also revealed that she "never felt comfortable" in her own skin after beginning to wear makeup as a young girl. "It means a lot to me as I feel many girls of different ages wear makeup because they feel pressured to do so," she said, according to Mirror.

She believes that if one is happy in their own skin, people should not be made to cover up our face with makeup. "Our flaws make us who we are and that's what makes every individual unique. I think people should love and embrace their flaws and blemishes, as we know real beauty lies within simplicity."

Underlining that she never felt that she met beauty standards, the south London resident pointed out that she recently accepted that she is beautiful in her own skin. "That's why I decided to compete with no make-up."

Elaborating that with the makeup, she feels she's all concealed, the Miss England finalist stressed that she wanted to show who Melisa truly is.

Stressing that she is going to the finals bare-faced, Melisa noted that she would love to use the Miss England platform to empower natural beauty and eliminate this toxic mindset.

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This article was first published on August 25, 2022