Melania Trump vs Michelle Obama: How will inevitable match-up fare in fashion world?

Michelle Obama appeared on Vogue three times but the next first lady, Melania Trump has already become the toast of fashion world.

Michelle and Melania

She stunned us with her three celebrated appearances on the cover of Vogue magazine. She brought the flavour of individuality and strong feminine charisma to her tenure as first lady. Yes, first lady Michelle Obama often experimented with unexpected style choices. She flaunted her signature knee-length floral dresses that gathered open heart appreciation from fashion designers all over the world.

Michelle is a political celebrity appreciated for her strong fashion sense that complemented her work in the public domain. She is the fashion centre of the US political beau monde. She's one of the most influential first ladies of the United states.

Michelle and Melania

What does Michelle Obama leave for her successor Melania Trump after setting the fashion standards high by her remarkable dresses and causing the onset of a new fashion era in the political arena? Michelle introduced the element of individuality in the look and feel of the role and so her successor can feel free to be more of herself. Dressing more contemporarily than her predecessors she's said to have mastered the art of political dressing.

She grabbed all the eye balls in her final state dinner with her custom rose Versace chainmail gown styled with Le Vian diamonds, bidding goodbye with shimmer and shine.

Melania Trump - the beginning of the new in Style

Melania Trump is chic and beautiful and has already made a mark when she opted for pantsuits while campaigning for the now president-elect Donald Trump. Her red dress in her after-election interview was chic and elegant. She looked beautiful in black dress which she chose to wear on her trip to White House to see Michelle.

Her elegant white jumpsuit has already made headlines. Melania is tall and confident. She seems to be on her feet to add new chapters on the First Lady Fashion Style File.

First Lady is a phenomenal platform for designers to showcast their talent. When the First Lady stunned at the Phoenix Awards Dinner in a strapless ball gown which featured a dramatic sweetheart neckline, a full skirt, and an eye-catching pattern of hand-painted gold leaf on black tulle, she aided in adding feathers on the cap of the designer Naeem Khan.

We can't wait to see how Melania dresses when she becomes the First Lady. Will she follow in the footsteps of Michelle Obama or will she tread on another unconventional route to style and elegance? For now, the answer to all such questions lies in the bosom of time.

This article was first published on November 28, 2016