#Megxit trends on Twitter after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry decide to step back as Royals

Right after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced they would step back from royal duties, #Megxit became the top trend on Twitter

Twitter is full of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for 24 hours and it looks like the Royal fever will not come down anytime soon. Right after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they're stepping back from their Royal duties and split time between the UK and the US, #Megxit started trending on the social media platform and everyone has a word or two to say about their decision.

Social media is divided into 'for and against'

Meghan Markle Prince Harry
Instagram grab/ Sussex Royal

Several users slammed the British media for their constant negative portrayal of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and blamed the press fair and square for the couple's decision to step back from their Royal duties and stay far away from home.

Many of them drew comparisons to Princess Diana calling Meghan and Harry 'bold enough' to live life on their own terms and walked down memory lane highlighting how Diana was treated by the media and guess what, she was treated equally badly too.

Netizens convey their thoughts on the decision

A user tweeted in support of the couple's decision, ''Prince Harry has his mothers spirit by heart. The royal family has treated Meghan just as bad as they treated his mother, Princess Diana. Y'all bullied her including the UK media until it was no longer tenable to stay. I don't blame them for stepping away. #Megxit''

Another user tweeted that the British media is racist and hated the fact that she's not white and British, hence received scrutiny every single day that made her life a living hell. ''The British are horrible, unrepentant racists. They've been after Meghan from day one because Prince Harry chose her and she's not white. They've been wanting #Megxit and when they get it, they are still salty AF. Not surprised by how racist they are. We know their history.''

However, many of them also lashed out at Meghan and Harry for chickening out and running away from their official duties and blamed their present situation on all but themselves. A user poked fun at the couple by tweeting, ''King Arthur removed a sword from a stone and Prince Harry will attempt to remove a silver spoon from his mouth.''

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