Meghan Trainor talks about career ups and downs: 'I had no idea what was doing'

Meghan Trainor had won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist, for the single titled No.

American singer/songwriter Meghan Trainor sat down for a candid interview while posing for the cover of Notion Magazine. The 22-year-old singer talked about the mistakes she made during the initial stages of her career, and how she learnt from them.

Trainor talked about her track All About That Bass, which was released in 2014. She said: "That first thing I ever did was the music video for ['All About That] Bass' and I had no management, I had no glam team, I was terrified – I just remember eight hands were all over me shoving me into these outfits and they were like 'GO!' And I was just faking it! A lot of my first year was fake it till you make it. I had no idea what was doing."

The singer had faced backlash for using the term skinny b***h in her song. She added: "I wanted to make something fun and upbeat that would maybe really help people. I still get asked 'Was it your intention to bash skinny people?' NO! Absolutely not. I just wrote a fun song to help ME out with my insecurities – and the world loved it – that's all I have."

In 2016, Trainor won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist, for the single titled No from her second studio album, Thank You. She said: "We tried to put more urban into it – and I tried to rap more. I mean I did NOT expect to rap! I was writing songs and one day I thought 'You know what? I'm just gonna rap on this one' as a joke, so I tried it and was like, 'hang on... I can rap! I'm good at this! I have rhythm!'"