Meghan Markle warned to do this after the birth of her baby

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is expected to give birth in April and as such the anticipation surrounding the Royal baby is growing.

But reportedly Meghan Markle has been warned to avoid the cameras after giving birth to her royal baby by the CEO of a parenting company. Chelsea Hirschhorn, founder of Fridababy, apparently, wrote an open letter to the Duchess, in which she was brutally honest about the pain after childbirth, and published it as an ad in the New York Times. She said the tradition of royal mothers emerging with their newborns to be photographed expects women to be "radiant" despite the stress they have been under. Ms. Hirschhorn urged Meghan to "keep it real" so mothers don't have unrealistic expectations of the immediate aftermath of giving birth.

She said: "I assume that, like your princess predecessors, you'll be expected to parade outside of the hospital in front of throngs of photographers to show off your new bundle of joy shortly after giving birth.

"You'll smile, you'll wave, you'll be radiant, but between your legs will be a whole different story.

"Sure your blowout will be perfect for your hospital step photo-op, but people will be opening on all the wrong things - like how soon you will fit into your pre-baby wardrobe - instead of having an honest conversation about what women go through during birth and immediately after."

We have to say that this warning seems a bit unnecessary as the Duchess of Sussex has shown that she can handle herself. Besides she isn't your average mom, she is the Duchess of Sussex, with a literal army to serve her and her baby's needs. And since it takes a village to raise a baby, she can get that too. Meghan Markle and the Royal Family seem to have the pre-baby and post baby arrangements covered.

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