Meghan Markle is putting Royal Reputation at stake with her shocking behaviour


So, apparently, Meghan Markle is putting the Royal reputation at stake with her behaviour. Meghan Markle is "risking the Royal Family's reputation" and making the "same mistakes" as her husband Prince Harry's late mother, according to Princess Diana's former private secretary.

Patrick Jephson made the explosive claim in a newspaper article following Meghan's lavish New York baby shower this week. The shower was a lavish event that was attended by many of the Duchess of Sussex's high-profile celebrity friends.

It is being reported that the stateside visit came at no additional cost to the taxpayer because it was a privately-funded affair, with Meghan flying on a private jet to get there.

But there are those who worry that this kind of behaviour will soon lead to bigger liberties. And one such person is former Royal aide Patrick Jephson who suggested that the Duchess's recent Big Apple excursion could "open a Pandora's box of unintended consequences."

Having spent eight years as private secretary to Prince Harry's mother, he claims to have "learned to recognise that the line between official and private travel is never just about the money."

He went on to issue a warning to Meghan Markle, Mr Jephson said trips like Meghan's baby shower sojourn risk the "credibility and dignity" of the "Royal free-riders."

Writing for the Daily Mail, Mr Jephson said: "Rich people's jets — in this case a Gulfstream reportedly paid for by George and Amal Clooney — always come with a bill attached, even if it's not the kind you can pay with a Duchy of Cornwall credit card."

He added: "From any angle, the look of Meghan's Manhattan partying is pretty unedifying."

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