Is Meghan Markle, Prince Harry planning to buy a home in the US and move there permanently?

Royal sources say Prince Harry and Meghan Markle plan to move to the U.S permanently to avoid mistreatment by the UK press

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Several royal sources have stated that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are planning to buy their second home in the U.S and are considering to move there permanently, as they want to get away from the privy of the British media. The royal couple are not able to cope up with the stress and mistreatment by UK tabloids and plan to move there with their son Archie.

Princess Diana's former butler Paul Burrel opened up to Fox News by saying he wouldn't be surprised if Meghan and Harry move to America for good. ''I do believe wholeheartedly that Meghan will want to bring up her children as half American, so they will need a place here. It wouldn't surprise me if they bought a place in the United States."

Paul Burrel also pointed out that the British press has been vitriolic and gone to extreme lengths towards Meghan and Harry and stated that Princess Diana faced the same harsh treatment by them. He said, ''My goodness, is history repeating itself.''

The former butler also praised Kate Middleton and Prince William for handling things well by not letting media pressure get to them. ''William and Kate, they have a road map in front of them. They know exactly where they're destined. Meghan and Harry don't.'' He added, ''I think it's really unfair and I think the media should lay off of them, let them live and give then oxygen to develop a young family. Otherwise, we'll lose them."

The Sun quoted another royal source by saying that their trip to the U.S might be more than just a holiday and the couple might decide their future course when they arrive. "There's an acceptance that things haven't worked out with the Sussexes full-time in Windsor so they could have a second base in America."

The Sunday Times quoted another royal source as saying, "The Duke and Duchess have a full schedule of engagements and commitments until mid-November, after which they will be taking some much needed family time."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will leave to the U.S for a 6-week holiday mid-November to have some peaceful family time and stay away from the hustle-bustle of the media eyes.