Meghan Markle planning to make this Shocking move; Duchess of Sussex wants to escape?

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle may have had enough of the Royal Family. Apparently, Meghan Markle is planning to move Prince Harry and son Archie to the United States to escape the "shadow" of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and her husband Prince William, royal commentator Rob Shuter claimed.

Meghan Markle is planning to relocate her family to the United States to "return to her family" and to get out of Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge's shadow, according to Mr. Shuter. Though Meghan Markle may wish that she could leave the Royal Palace far behind and move to the United States, the reality of her situation might make it highly unlikely. The Duchess of Sussex may not be able to leave the Royal Family and her Royal duties on a whim. Especially, if the Queen has something to say about it.

The commentator cited royal sources who suggested the Duchess of Sussex is not "happy coming in second place" behind her in-laws. Speaking on his iHeart Radio show, Mr. Shuter said: "Meghan Markle is leaving Britain with her prince and baby. Meghan Markle refuses to move to Africa, she wants to come to the USA."

The expert claims that Meghan Markle wants to move away from Kate Middleton. There have been reports of an alleged feud between the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge, but moving to a different country to avoid a person seems a little too much. The expert added: "Meghan knows if she stays in Britain, this will always mean living in their shadow. Meghan is not the type of girl who is happy coming in second place."

We have to say that these claims seem a little far-fetched, but we wouldn't put it past Meghan Markle to at least try.

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