Meghan Markle and Harry to move to British Columbia? Couple can sue paparazzi for privacy invasion

Meghan Markle and Harry can sue the paparazzi for invasion of privacy and win lawsuits if they move to British Columbia

Meghan Markle and Harry shocked the world after they announced they would step down as Royals and leave the Buckingham Palace. The couple along with their little son Archie moved to Canada and are now living a new life away from the hustle-bustle of their everyday royal life.

Both Meghan and Harry longed for a privacy-free life and headed to Canada to find it, but sadly, the paparazzi followed them to their new destination as well and pictures of them walking through the woods were already all over the place.

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Reports now state that Meghan and Harry might consider moving to Canada's province British Columbia as the laws for privacy invasion are strict and are rightly put into place. David Fraser, an expert of law firm McInnes Cooper told People Magazine, ''British Columbia is one of a handful of provinces that has a law like this, which specifically creates a right to sue if your privacy is invaded. It specifically says that surveillance can be a form of privacy invasion."

Meghan and Harry can find peace in British Columbia

Meghan Markle
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Peace and privacy are what Meghan Markle and Harry wanted the very next day since their wedding and British Columbia is the perfect place for the couple to be. Fraser revealed that since Meghan and Harry have specifically said they want to move out of the spotlight, the onus would lie on the paparazzi to intrude their privacy and the stakes are too high in the province as each one of them might get sued and pay a hefty amount for invading their privacy.

''But with Harry and Meghan in particular, they have specifically said that they are stepping out of the spotlight. They have specifically said that they are moving from the UK in order to preserve their privacy — and some of the statements I have seen have tied it to the experience of Princess Diana or mental health concerns associated with perhaps unfair media coverage or unfair scrutiny of their private life,'' Cooper said.

He further commented that the courts in British Columbia might have a sympathetic ear to Meghan and Harry and if the duo file a lawsuit against the paparazzi, the case will swing their way. "So, I would imagine that there would be a sympathetic ear within the courts that would at least take a look at all these factors without kind of dismissing it outright by saying, 'Look, you're a member of the royal family. You may no longer be a senior royal, but ..,'" he summed it up.

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