Meghan Markle Gets Trolled for Claiming She Was 'Compared to Nelson Mandela'

Controversies and Meghan Markle are synonymous. And this time, she raised eyebrows again after she said, "I was compared to Nelson Mandela" during an interview with the magazine The Cut. Her comments have once again created furor on social media.

The Duchess of Sussex during her interview stated that a cast member of Lion King from South Africa told her in London's West End in 2019 that when she married Prince Harry, a large number of South Africans rejoiced in streets just the way they had done after the release of Nelson Mandela from prison.

Her claims have not just annoyed a large number of Mandela fans and followers but also her detractors. Mandela fans have criticized her stating that it is rather shocking that Meghan can even think of comparing herself to the South African anti-apartheid activist who spent years in jail to bring justice and liberty to his people.

Meghan Markle

Is Meghan Markle a Fantasist?

A report published in The Sun referred to columnist Piers Morgan who slammed Meghan's comments, saying "the Mandela anecdote alone had me gagging."

A Twitter user shared his opinion adding, "trying 2 upstage a dead woman who was universally loved by everyone, is the most on brand thing Meghan markle can do. She's abusive, a bully, revels in destroying relationships between families, & just an all around horrible person. Straight to heII 4 equating herself to Mandela."

Another user expressed his resentment stating, "Today host Karl Stefanovic, Allison Langdon take jabs at Meghan Markle. She compares herself to Nelson don git more uppity den dat brah."

"Megyn Kelly let's rip on Meghan Markle. She compares herself to Nelson Mandela, she uses the N word against the UK media. Is there any end this persons Narcissism #MeghanMarkleisaRacist #MeghanMarkleisaLiar," read yet another tweet.

"Every time she opens her mouth it is to badmouth them': Americans slam Meghan Markle after her 'latest vanity PR' saying she needs to 'move on' from the royals - as she is branded a 'fantasist' after 'comparing herself' with Nelson Mandela", read another tweet.

This article was first published on August 30, 2022