Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle Reuters

Meghan Markle's antics at Wimbledon may have earned her a new nickname. It seems that the Duchess of Sussex is earning quite a few nicknames rather than the goodwill of the public.

The new nickname reportedly came as a result of royal security personnel reportedly asking a media consultant not to take pictures of the Duchess during a Wimbledon match. Meghan Markle is the Duchess of Sussex, and before that she was a Hollywood celebrity. She is used to fame, but the way she is handling it as a Royal leaves something to be desired.

Meghan Markle is fiercely protective of her privacy as well as the privacy of her son, baby Archie. Writing in The Daily Telegraph, Sally Jones, revealed that the one of Meghan's security personnel had asked the media consultant to not take any pictures of Meghan at Wimbledon as the Duchess was at the event "in a private capacity". TV host Carole Malone criticised the Duchess for the reported action, referring to her as "Princess Privacy."

That might be quite the fitting nickname for Meghan Markle as she has flouted rules in favour of her privacy. The delivery of baby Archie was kept a secret, she refused to pose for a picture on hospital steps after giving birth and now, the Wimbledon incident could be used as justification for the new nickname.

Speaking on Sky News' The Pledge, Ms Malone said: "Princess Privacy has been at it again, reportedly asking bodyguards to stop spectators at Wimbledon from taking photos of her.....As she sat with 12,000 people watching a match broadcast to millions of people."

Meghan continues to keep the details of her life a secret, like keeping secret details of Archie's christening and his godparents' names, Meghan is now reportedly in talks to write a monthly column in Vogue. Meghan Markle needs to open up a little, she is a public figure after all.