Meghan Markle being labelled this Shocking thing; the Palace is not pleased?

Meghan Markle

Its been about a year since Meghan Makrl joined the Royal Family. And the Duchess of Sussex has and apparently continues to rub some people the wrong way. She has broken protocols and deviated from Royal tradition quite a few times. Including when it was time to show off her baby to the world.

Reportedly Meghan Markle is a "disrupter" in the Royal Family – but the biggest disruptive force over recent decades is, in fact, the Duke of Edinburgh, who used his position to break a number of royal rules and conventions, according to one royal commentator.

ITV's Royal correspondent Chris Ship said: "If you are going to introduce an element of different into the Royal Family you are always going to rub up against some opposition somewhere. I think the courtiers are slightly different from what they used to be in the sort of 30s and 40s – they are not all ex-military, they are not all white and from private school anymore."

Judging by those who came before Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex isn't the only one who could be considered a disruptive influence. The royal expert insisted Prince Diana was also seen as a disruptive force. He added that Diana could be considered a disrupter in the 80s and 90s and that perhaps Meghan could be a disrupter now.

But it seems that neither Meghan nor Diana come close to this person who takes the cake when it comes to being disruptive. And that person is the Duke of Edinburgh himself.

"The Duke of Edinburgh is married to the Queen and right at the top and Diana was married to the heir to the throne," said the expert. We have to say, that whatever disruptive influence Meghan may have, it may still pale in comparison to whatever the Duke of Edinburgh can do. Meghan Markle could even take a few pointers from him.

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